Full Automatic PET Bottle Rotary Unscrambler

This machine is used for the sorting of disordered polyester bottles. The scattered bottles are sent to the bottle storage ring of the bottle unscrambler through the hoist. By the thrust of the turntable, the bottles enter the bottle compartment and position themselves. The bottle is arranged so that the mouth of the bottle is upright, and its output into the following process through the air-driven bottle conveying system. The material of the machine body is made of high-quality stainless steel, and other parts are also made of non-toxic and durable series materials. Some imported parts are selected for the electrical and pneumatic systems. The whole working process is controlled by PLC programming, so the equipment has a low failure rate and high reliability.

Product Detail

Device Features

Automatic Bottle Unscrambler is the introduction of foreign advanced technology, according to China highspeed beverage filling equipment, the direction of development needs, development, development of a leading domestic level with a row of bottles of equipment.  the main features of the main motor reducer with torque limit agencies, in order to prevent damage to equipment failure.

Bottle unscrambler (2)
Bottle unscrambler (3)

Work Process

First, manually pour the bottle into the elevator bucket;

The bottle is sent to the sorting bin of the bottle unscrambler by elevator;

The bottle enters the bottle unscrambler compartment for sorting. When sorting, the bottle is turned upside down by the bottle turning mechanism, and the bottle is not inverted directly through the bottle turning mechanism.

The bottles passing through the bottle turning mechanism are directly output to the air duct or conveyed from the bottle outlet.

Equipment Advantages

1. Does not need compressed air, the first in the same industry, energy-saving and mission reduction, reducing the secondary pollution of bottles!

2. With advanced functions, simple operation, and compact structure, the whole machine adopts the mature PLC control system, which makes the whole machine run stably and at high speed.

3. The new bottle unscrambler automatically adjusts the bottle type, which is convenient and fast and has strong compatibility.

4. There are several equipment patents, and a position display is installed according to the bottle shape, which can be adjusted according to the bottle shape, which is unique in China.

5. The operating system adopts touch screen control, which is easy to operate, practical and efficient

6. The body is made of stainless steel to ensure that the bottle is clean and pollution-free

7. Imported low-voltage electrical components have stable performance and an extremely low failure rate.

8. Have functions such as bottle jam stop, alarm when equipment is abnormal, etc.

9. When connected in use, it has an alarm function of air supply and bottle blocking, and it will start automatically after processing.

10. Compared with the traditional bottle unscrambler, the volume is small and the speed is fast

11. Wide range of use, multi-purpose and strong adaptability!

The corresponding position of the hoist changes according to the site, which greatly adapts to the production site

The connection and docking are convenient. After the bottle is released, it can be directly air-fed docking or conveying docking.

Parameter Data








Output (BPH)







Main Power

1.5 kw

1.5 kw

1.5 kw

3 kw

3 kw

3.7 kw

Size D×H (mm)














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