Conveyor System

Conveyor System

  • Flat Conveyor For Bottle

    Flat Conveyor For Bottle

    Except support arm etc. which are made of plastic or rilsan material, other parts are made of SUS AISI304.

  • Air Conveyor For Empty Bottle

    Air Conveyor For Empty Bottle

    Air conveyor is a bridge between the unscrambler/blower and 3 in 1 filling machine. Air conveyor is supported by the arm on the ground; the air blower is settled on the air conveyor. Each inlet of air conveyor has an air filter to prevent dust coming into. Two set of photoelectric switch settled in the bottle inlet of the air conveyor. The bottle is transferred to 3 in 1 machine through wind.

  • Full Automatic Elevato Cap Feeder

    Full Automatic Elevato Cap Feeder

    It’s specially use for elevate bottle caps so supply the capper machine using. It is use with capper machine together, if change some part it is also can use for other hardware goods elevate and feeding, one machine can more use.

  • Bottle Inverse Sterilize Machine

    Bottle Inverse Sterilize Machine

    This machine is mainly used for PET bottle hot filling technology, this machine will sterilize the caps and bottle mouth.

    After filling and sealing, the bottles will be auto turned 90°C by this machine to flat,the mouth and caps will be sterilized by its own inner thermal medium . It uses the import chain which is stable and reliable without damage to the bottle, the speed of transmission can be adjustable.