Idustrial RO Pure Water Treatment Equipment

From the beginning of water source water intake equipment to product water packaging, all wading equipment and its own pipelines and pipe valves are equipped with CIP cleaning circulating circuit, which can realize the complete cleaning of each equipment and each section of pipeline. CIP system itself meets the health requirements, can self circulate, sterilization is controllable, and the flow, temperature, characteristic water quality of circulating liquid can be detected online.

Product Detail

Quartz sand filter

High nickel 304 and 316 stainless steel tanks are used for automatic welding and double-sided forming welding. The internal and external polishing treatment reaches the sanitary standard and the internal is filled with high-quality quartz sand. The suspended solids, colloids and other harmful substances in the water are removed from the top to the bottom by using the deep filtering principle.

Activated carbon filter

304, 316 material tank body, automatic welding, double-sided forming welding, containing high-quality activated carbon, plus the chemical liquid or steam disinfection technique developed by Zhongguan. So that the activated carbon filter can not only better absorb the taste residual chlorine and organic matters in the water, but also not become a hotbed of bacteria.


Precision filter

Each filter is made of strict material selection and high-level manufacturing. It has high-quality standards such as fast bolt disassembly, no dead angle inside and outside the sleeve, food grade silica gel sealing ring, etc.So as to ensure that all links are bacteriostatic design.The first filter diameter is 5μm the next is 1μm.

Reverse Osmosis system

The membrane element is reverse osmosis, which can withstand the disinfection CIP treatment. The outer shell is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and stainless steel. The inner wall and the used pipes are polished and passivated without dead angle and dead water area to prevent the growth of microorganisms. The valve table, seal ring and all pipelines are all equipped with German automatic welding equipment without wires. The automatic welding level reaches the design standards of hygienic level and water hammer resistance specified by FDA, and the pure water recovery rate reaches more than 80%.

The reverse osmosis device is an equipment to purify the pipeline water with the action of pressure difference of semi permanent memory. Water pump core of the equipment is imported, and the seep film is imported from having Co. in American. It is equipped with a full set of clean unit. It has features of simple structure, conservative operation. And high technical level. The quality of the processed water can meet the standard of national driving water.

RO (1)

Ultrafiltration system

 Ultrafiltration can intercept macromolecular substances and impurities between 0.002-0.1 μm. The ultrafiltration membrane allows small molecular substances and soluble total solids (inorganic salts) to pass through, while intercepting colloids, proteins,Microorganisms and macromolecular organics.The operating pressure is generally 1-4 bar.To use membrane and shell separable technology, convenient equipment maintenance and cleaning.

UF (1)
UF (2)

Ultraviolet sterilizer

It is used to eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms that may be left in the water of storage tank, pipeline and container, as well as bacteria that grow in the container. UV has a better inhibition effect on moss.

Ozone mixing machine

High efficiency S-type vapor-liquid mixer and ozone mixing tower are both available.The independent ozone injection and adjustment system of the branch line adopts variable ozone generator of domestic famous brand, customized high-efficiency oxidation equipment, control the contact time of ozone and water, online ozone concentration detection and analysis instrument, and accurately guarantee the ozone concentration.

Ozone system flowchat

CIP system

All the intervention points of CIP have a complete blocking design, without liquid residue, to ensure the safety of the system and error free.

There is an independent CIP station for the membrane system, and the CIP system can be classified and segmented.

For the easily stored bacteria, the filter equipment (such as carbon filter) which is easy to breed bacteria has more strict sterilization and disinfection measures (such as adding medicine or steam sterilization SIP), and the non insulated sealed water tank has at least one CIP method for sterilization. When the CIP cannot be carried out, the food grade disinfectant is used for sterilization, and all cleaning disinfectants have certification.

CIP station in Zhongguan is composed of more chemical solution storage tank (acid and alkali solution or other cleaning and sterilization chemical solution), hot water CIP water tank, temperature rise and fall system, chemical solution quantitative injection device and filter, etc.

Pipe tank and pump

Pipe and tank material: Food grade 304 or 316Stainless steel.Tank is used for automatic welding and double-sided forming welding. The internal and external polishing treatment reaches the sanitary standard.

Most of the pump use the NanFang pump. NanFang Pump has the features of low noise level, higher efficiency, long life time.

Control system

Set flow meter, pressure gauge, water level sensor and other equipment in many places.Using PLC control system and touch screen for integrated management and control. 

Pipe tank and pump

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