Clean in place automatic CIP system

Cleaning in place (CIP) is a set of procedures used to properly clean processing equipment without removing piping or equipment.

System compose by tanks, valve, pump, heat exchange , steam control, PLC control.

Structure: 3-1 monoblock for small flow, separate tank for each acid/alkali/water.

Widely apply for dairy, beer, beverage etc food industry.

Product Detail

Product Features

◆100% TIG welding with pure argon gas shield;

◆The pipe mouth stretch technology and automatic tank welding equipment ensure the tank with no dead angle,no material residue and easy to clean;

◆Tank polishing precision ≤0.4um,no distortion, no scratches;

◆Tanks and cooling devices are tested for water pressure;

◆3D technology application make customers know tank from different angles


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