Bottle Inverse Sterilize Machine

This machine is mainly used for PET bottle hot filling technology, this machine will sterilize the caps and bottle mouth.

After filling and sealing, the bottles will be auto turned 90°C by this machine to flat,the mouth and caps will be sterilized by its own inner thermal medium . It uses the import chain which is stable and reliable without damage to the bottle, the speed of transmission can be adjustable.

Product Detail

Main Features

1. The machine is mainly composed of the local transmission chain system, a bottle body reversal chain system, rack, bottle flip guide, etc.

2. The machine automatically flips sterilization,self-reset, and the high temperature of the material in the bottle carrying out disinfection during the process, does not have to add any heat source, reaching energy-saving purposes.

3. The body of the machine uses SUS304 material, elegant and easy to use.

Bottle Inverse Sterilize Machine (2)
Bottle Inverse Sterilize Machine (3)

Parameter Data

This machine is a necessary machinery for juice, tea and other hot filling beverage production line.  

Model Production capacity(b/h) Bottle reversing time(s) Belt speed(m/min) Power(kw)
DP-8 3000-8000 15-20s 4-20 3.8
DP-12 8000-15000 15-20s 4-20 5.6

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