Full Automatic Elevato Cap Feeder

It’s specially use for elevate bottle caps so supply the capper machine using. It is use with capper machine together, if change some part it is also can use for other hardware goods elevate and feeding, one machine can more use.

Product Detail

Cap Feeder

The machine is mainly used for conveying the caps from the lower to a higher position within the hopper cap is a cap machine auxiliary equipment. The delivery of the equipment sent by the wind. The device has a smooth operation, high capacity, easy to control and so on. For plastic cover, aluminum cover transportation.


-Screw cap, Metal cap, Grand Cap ,Plastic cap and various kinds of cap.

Elevator Cap Feeder

Water Fall Cap Feeder

Water fall cap feeder2

Elevator Cap Feeder


1. The lifting cover machine series equipment is designed and manufactured according to the process and technical requirements of the traditional cover machine. The cover process is stable and reliable, meeting the ideal requirements.

2. The capping machine uses the principle of the gravity center of the bottle cap to arrange the bottle cap and make it output in the same direction (mouth up or down). This machine is a mechatronic product with a simple and reasonable structure. It is suitable for the capping of products of various specifications and can make stepless adjustments to the production capacity according to the specifications and characteristics of the products. It has strong adaptability to the lids and is suitable for the lids of various specifications such as food, medicine, cosmetics, etc.

3. This machine can be used together with all kinds of capping machines and thread sealing machines. Its working principle is that through the function of micro switch detection, the bottle cap in the hopper can be sent into the cap trimmer at a uniform speed according to the production needs through the conveying scraper, so as to ensure that the bottle cap in the cap trimmer can be kept in a good state.

4. The machine is easy to operate, with the bottom cover added and the top cover speed adjustable. It can automatically stop the top cover when the cover is full. It is the ideal auxiliary equipment for a capping machine.

5. Without special training, ordinary people can operate and repair the machine after guidance. The standardized electrical components make it very easy to purchase accessories and facilitate daily maintenance and management.

6. The whole machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, and the parts are of a standardized design, which is interchangeable and fully meets the environmental requirements of GMP.

7. The lift-type lid straightening machine uses the weight imbalance of the lid to lift the qualified lid. The equipment directly lifts the qualified lid to the discharge port through the lid straightening conveyor belt, and then uses the positioning device to position the lid, so that it can output in the same direction (port up or down), that is, to complete the lid straightening There is no need for manual intervention in the whole process.



Waterfall Cap Feeder

Elevator Cap Feeder


220V-380V 50Hz

220V-380V 50Hz

Work rate






Applicable scope

All kinds of bottle caps

All kinds of bottle caps







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