Full-automatic Blow Molding Machine

The Blow molding machines will directly connected with the air conveyor, the production bottles will full-automatic come out from the blow molding machine, then feed into the air conveyor then transport to the Tribloc Washer Filler Capper.

Product Detail

Equipment Feature:

Controller system

PLC, full-automatic working

Touch screen, easy operate. Each of error operates will automatic display and alarm.

Lack of pet perform, it will be alarm, and then stop to work in automatic.

Each of the heater have independence temperature controller.

Preform Feeder
The preform stocked in the hopper are transported by conveyor and are sorted neck upwards for the feed ramp in to the perform oven automatically, the performs are now read to enter the oven equipped with its infra-lamps.

Linear transport oven
The heating of the performs is optimized by the new modular oven with 6 layers of heating lamps. It guarantees the ideal temperature for quality blowing.

The preforms self rotated by high quality heat resistant and wear-resistant silica gel during the continuous movement.

Due to the small gaps between the preforms, it requires less electric costs. So it can save the electronic. It is economic running.

Each lamp's horizontal position is adjustable to keep the machine flexible.

Clamp Unit
The clamp unit is the key to guarantee the flexibility and steady work. We adopt double cylinder, so it is steadier.

Sensor system

 Adopts high quality imported sensor & switch system including proximity switch, photoelectric switch, and electronic magnet switch to keep production process going step by step and avoid any possible damage on machine. 

Air Recovery system

Model SPB-2000 SPB-4000 SPB-6000 SPB-8000
Cavity 2 4 6 8
Output(BPH) 500ML 2,000 pcs 4,000 pcs 6,000 pcs 8000pcs
Bottle size range Up to 1.5 L
Air consumption(m3/minute) 2 cube 4cube 6cube 8 cube
Blowing pressure



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