Full Electric High Speed Energy Saving Series (0.2 ~ 2L).

Full Electric High Speed Energy Saving Series (0.2 ~ 2L) is the latest development of the company, which realizes the advantages of high speed, stability and energy saving. it are used in the production of PET water bottles, hot filling bottles, carbonated beverage bottles, edible oil bottles, and pesticide bottles

Product Detail

1、The continuous rotating preform loading system is closely combined with the machine, which effectively reduces the occupied area. The preform mouth is upward with simple structure.
2、The continuous heating system, the preform heating pitch is 38mm, which effectively utilizes the heating space of the lamp tube and improves the heating efficiency and energy saving effect of the preforms (energy saving can reach 50%).
3、Constant temperature heating oven, ensure the surface and internal of each preform is heated evenly. The heating oven can be overturned, easy to replace and maintain the heating lamp.
4、The preform transfer system with grippers, and the variable pitch system are both driven by the servo motors, ensure high speed revolving and accurate positioning.
5、The servo motor drive molding mechanism, triggering off the linkage to the bottom mold, the application of high speed precision blowing valve unit helps to make high capacity.
6、The cooling system for the preform neck is equipped to ensure the preform neck does not deform during heating and blowing.
7、The high pressure blowing system is equipped with air recycling device which may reduce air consumption to achieve the energy saving efficiency.
8、Being highly intelligent, the machine is equipped with units of preform temperature detection, leaking bottle detection and rejection as well as jammed air conveyor detection, etc, which ensures the machine work efficiently and stably.
9、Operation on the touch screen is simple and easy.
10、This series is widely used for making PET bottle for drinking water, carbonated soft drink, medium temperature filling drink, milk, edible oil, food, daily chemical.


Model SPB-4000S SPB-6000S SPB-8000S SPB-10000S
Cavity 4 6 8  
Output(BPH) 500ML 6,000 pcs 12,000 pcs 16,000 pcs 18000pcs
Bottle size range Up to 1.5 L
Air consumption 6 cube 8 cube 10 cube 12
Blowing pressure


Dimensions (mm) 3280×1750×2200 4000 x 2150 x 2500 5280×2150×2800 5690 x 2250 x 3200
Weight 5000kg 6500kg 10000kg 13000kg


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