Automated Material Handling Robot Palletizer

Our Automated Palletizer is available for all types of products and production speeds. With a compact footprint, the Automated Robotic Palletizer uses highly reliable FANUC robots and can accommodate GMA, CHEP and Euro pallets.

Product Detail


It is suitable for stacking various staggered boxes in the post packaging process of beer, beverage, food, daily chemical, electronics and other industries. Its packaging materials can be cartons, plastic boxes, pallets, heat shrinkable films, etc. High or low inlet can be selected. It can be used as unloading stacker through simple adjustment and program setting.

Carton Erector Machine
Carton Erector Machine1


Proven Performance

Our Automated Palletizer is based on a simple and reliable design that provides sophisticated motion control and consistent performance with high productivity. It features an electric servo-driven robot with an integrated mechanical and control unit designed for high-speed palletizing applications.

Fastest cycle times & highest payload.

High performance motion for high throughput.

Compact footprint & integrated controller – reduces required floor space.

Proven, reliable servo drives – provides highest uptime and productivity.

Four-axis dexterity – enables access to multiple packaging lines with one unit.

Web-based software tools – remote connectivity, diagnostics and production monitoring.

Machine vision – robot guidance and inspection.

Traditional Palletizer

Robot Palletizer

Technical Parameters

Palletizing speed 2-4 Layer / min
Palletizing pallet size L1000-1200*W1000-1200mm
Stacking height 200-1600mm(Including pallet but not including elevator table height
Power supply 220/380V50HZ
Power consumption 6000W(Including stacking platform)
Machine size L7300*W4100*H3500mm

Main Configuration

Main motor German SEW
Other motors Taiwan CPG
Seizure switch Taiwan, China SHENDIAN
Touch screen Kunlun Tongtai
Operating switch Chint
AC contactor Schneider
Cylinder and solenoid valve Japan SMC
Bearing Japan NSK

Robot Palletizer 


The palletizer is to absorb the materials loaded into containers (such as cartons, woven bags, barrels, etc.) or regular packed and unpacked items one by one in a certain order, arrange and stack them on pallets or pallets (wood) for automatic stacking. It can be stacked in multiple layers and then pushed out, so as to facilitate the next packaging or forklift transportation to the warehouse for storage. The palletizing machine realizes intelligent operation and management, which can greatly reduce the labor personnel and labor intensity. At the same time, it plays a good role in protecting articles, such as dust-proof, moisture-proof, waterproof, sunscreen, and preventing the wear of articles during transportation. Therefore, it is widely used in chemical industry, beverage, food, beer, plastic and other production enterprises; Automatic palletizing of packaging products in various shapes such as cartons, bags, cans, beer boxes and bottles. 

Robot palletizer is the best design to save energy and resources. It has the ability to make the most rational use of power, so that the power it consumes can be reduced to a minimum. The palletizing system can be set in a narrow space. All controls can be operated on the screen of the control cabinet, and the operation is very simple. By changing the gripper of the manipulator, the stacking of different goods can be completed, which relatively reduces the purchase cost of customers.

Our company uses imported robot main body to assemble the special palletizing fixture independently developed by our company, connect the pallet supply and conveying equipment, and cooperate with the mature automatic palletizing control system to realize the full-automatic and unmanned flow operation of palletizing process. At present, in the whole product production line, the application of robot palletizing system has been recognized by customers. Our palletizing system has the following characteristics:
-Flexible configuration and easy expansion.

-Modular structure, applicable hardware modules.

-Rich man-machine interface, easy to operate.

-Support hot plug function to realize online maintenance.

-The data is fully shared, and the operations are redundant to each other.

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